The progress of this blog so far . . .

. . . has been an illustration of the maximum entropy principle. First thereĀ  was a single post. Then was a long stretch of time (several months) with very little activity. I logged in from time to time but did little more than sigh and say, “Not right now.”

But at last, in the past ten days or so, there has been a pile of new pages, links, downloads, and edits, so that this actually looks like a blog someone could read!

In particular, please check out the downloads of Frequencies Issues 1 and 2 in the Forensic Audit section. These were very popular downloads on my old website,, and they remain as fresh and relevant as when I published them.

The ‘pot lid’ essay on global warming is coming along, and as it comes out to more than 150 pages, will surely occupy any curious reader for a while. A sample chapter from the book will be available soon as well.

The future progress of this blog will no doubt continue to obey the maximum entropy principle, with long stretches of not very much activity punctuated by occasional large, random bursts of creativity.

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