Still alive

It has been just over four years since I posted here … I won’t attempt to tell that story right now. Life happens. But I am here again and the book is still ‘in process’. More news soon.

Two new research areas

As if I didn’t have enough to do (see my previous post), I have two new research topics that I have plans to release papers on this year. I am posting this very brief note for the benefit of my current readers, some of whom may be interested in these topics as well. The first […]

Back in action

Wow, that was a much longer hiatus than I intended. During March I took on a new job, moved to a new apartment, and started a new relationship. It had a predictable impact on my science output. I am back, still working on footnotes to my book, still posting, still in the game. Thank you […]

A very promising discussion

There is an intriguing ‘meeting of the minds’ going on over at Tallbloke’s blog right now. The topic that sparked it was an old controversy from the 19th century, about whether an air column confined to a container would be cooler at the top than at the bottom (because of gravitation). The fellow who introduced […]

Progress on book launch

Despite many distractions and challenges, I have completed making planned cuts to the manuscript of The Decline Effect. (Those who might worry that I’m removing something essential should see my previous post: I’m just going to settle for three graphs on a given topic instead of four.) Now I’m working on building the final index. […]

The decline effect gets some press, good and bad

In today’s National Post, there is an interesting piece by Joseph Brean on the subject of spurious statistical correlations in science. It touches briefly on the decline effect, but not in a way that I find entirely encouraging. Brean cites several papers, including one by Young and Karr on problems with irreproducible results, in the […]

Better news for Tallbloke (Climategate II)

The other day I reported that fellow blogger Tallbloke had had two computers and a router seized by the Norfolk police, as part of the investigation into the Climategate e-mail hack. He was not named as a suspect, just a tenuous link in an evidence chain. There was intense concern among skeptic bloggers over the […]

Climategate II hits home

A few weeks ago, my ‘Pot Lid’ paper got a favorable mention on Tallbloke’s climate blog. Today I find that acting on a request from the U.S. Department of Justice, a platoon of British policemen descended on Tallbloke’s house and seized several computers. This isn’t about ‘Pot Lid’. There was another big dump of 5,000 […]

More on the decline effect in drug research

There are a number of good articles on the ongoing problems with developing new drugs, but this one leaped out at me. In particular, check out the logarithmic decline in new drugs brought into use per billion $ of research and development funding: There are some facts not shown in the graph that need to […]

The scary truth about audit software blogging

This post is something of an experiment. As I said in a previous post, I’m interested in knowing just how big the community of expert audit software users is, and where to find them. So I’ve been doing a variety of searches, including setting Google to search only on blogs — that is, on WordPress […]