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Application of the maximum entropy principle to climate, analysis of IPCC models.

A very promising discussion

There is an intriguing ‘meeting of the minds’ going on over at Tallbloke’s blog right now. The topic that sparked it was an old controversy from the 19th century, about whether an air column confined to a container would be cooler at the top than at the bottom (because of gravitation). The fellow who introduced […]

Better news for Tallbloke (Climategate II)

The other day I reported that fellow blogger Tallbloke had had two computers and a router seized by the Norfolk police, as part of the investigation into the Climategate e-mail hack. He was not named as a suspect, just a tenuous link in an evidence chain. There was intense concern among skeptic bloggers over the […]

Climategate II hits home

A few weeks ago, my ‘Pot Lid’ paper got a favorable mention on Tallbloke’s climate blog. Today I find that acting on a request from the U.S. Department of Justice, a platoon of British policemen descended on Tallbloke’s house and seized several computers. This isn’t about ‘Pot Lid’. There was another big dump of 5,000 […]

New climate papers I am planning

Climate science doesn’t necessarily pay very well. Even Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, doesn’t get paid anything for doing that job. (You may have heard allegations in the blogosphere that he makes huge fortunes on the side, but after an outside audit by KPMG showed that he didn’t, the Daily Telegraph issued an apology.) […]

What the critics aren’t saying about ‘Pot Lid’

When someone proposes that an entire science is radically wrong, as I am doing with climate models of greenhouse warming, there are certain basic points that should come up somewhere in the rebuttal. First, is the claim novel? If so, it generally deserves credit on that score, even if it is wrong. On the other […]

Version 2.0 of ‘Pot Lid’

As promised, I have posted the updated and expanded version 2.0 of ‘Pot Lid’. It corrects some minor errors and adds several pages of new information. Here are some highlights: — There is now a section defining the process of air column density adjustment (ACDA) and explaining in more detail why it is not modeled […]

Let the incredulity begin!

I have begun circulating the ‘Pot Lid’ essay in the blogosphere, and I find the early results very encouraging. Warwick Hughes (here) gave me a positive mention which has been very helpful in securing readers. I had exchanges in comments on the blogs of Judith Curry and Steve Easterbrook which were also helpful, even though […]

Version 1.1 of ‘Pot Lid’ essay is now available

Here are some of the highlights of Version 1.1, uploaded today: — It has one more graph to further illustrate the section on water vapor feedback. — It drops a brief section dealing with modeling philosophy, and combines two sections on the virial theorem into one. — Certain issues relating to lapse rates have been […]

The ‘Pot Lid’ hypothesis

I have posted my essay, “The ‘Pot Lid’ Hypothesis: Where Does The Air Go?” in the section on climate change. I’ve also posted a brief explanation of why I wrote the essay, and how it relates to my work on the maximum entropy principle. Anyone who cares about the fate of the planet should read […]