Monthly Archives: January 2012

A very promising discussion

There is an intriguing ‘meeting of the minds’ going on over at Tallbloke’s blog right now. The topic that sparked it was an old controversy from the 19th century, about whether an air column confined to a container would be cooler at the top than at the bottom (because of gravitation). The fellow who introduced […]

Progress on book launch

Despite many distractions and challenges, I have completed making planned cuts to the manuscript of The Decline Effect. (Those who might worry that I’m removing something essential should see my previous post: I’m just going to settle for three graphs on a given topic instead of four.) Now I’m working on building the final index. […]

The decline effect gets some press, good and bad

In today’s National Post, there is an interesting piece by Joseph Brean on the subject of spurious statistical correlations in science. It touches briefly on the decline effect, but not in a way that I find entirely encouraging. Brean cites several papers, including one by Young and Karr on problems with irreproducible results, in the […]