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elcome to The Decline Effect Blog!

This blog is about applications of the maximum entropy principle, developed starting in 1957 by Edwin Jaynes. The MEP has an extraordinarily wide range of application — much wider even than most writers in the field realize.

Initially the blog will focus on two items. One is my forthcoming book, The Decline Effect: The law behind diminishing returns and wildly varying outcomes in markets, politics, culture, religion, disease, and war.

The second item is a long paper (or a short book, take your pick) applying the MEP to the global warming problem. The results are highly unexpected and will likely be very controversial. The title of the paper is, “The Pot Lid Hypothesis: Where Does The Air Go?”

I will be uploading an excerpt of the book, plus a PDF of the complete paper, in the coming days. Right now I simply want to get the blog up and running. My apologies for the rather austere launch, please stay tuned.

Dean Brooks


  • While it took longer to get the blog up and running than I had hoped, nonetheless here we are! Many thanks to my very good friend Laurie McConnell at, whose technical assistance has been invaluable.

  • Myles Clarke wrote:

    Hi there Dean. We met not too long ago in Sechelt at the coffee shop. You have some very interesting ideas which I’m certain have meaning to my line of work(financial planning), yet at this point I’m still not entirely certain as to ‘how’. Regardless, our conversation was entertaining at the very least. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hope to keep in touch.


    Myles Clarke

  • Thanks Myles. I enjoyed our talk the other day. I’m going to leave your comment up as proof that there actually are people reading this blog!

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