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I’ve let April and May go by without putting up new posts, but I have a good reason. With help from various collaborators and advisors, I’ve made progress in the past few weeks both on finding a publisher, and on developing the first commercial applications of the decline effect.

In the meantime there has been continued discussion about Jonah Lehrer’s article, and Wikipedia has begun taking an interest in the subject. There is an article about the decline effect here:

There is unfortunately no mention of this blog in the Wikipedia article. It is understandable as blogs do not qualify as sources under the Wikipedia rules. The perspective taken by most of the sources used follows the lead of Jonah Lehrer, treating the decline effect as a problem in the philosophy of science, or else a problem with selective publication of positive results, rather than a real phenomenon. Interestingly, although the article mentions the academic work by Jonathan Schooler on memory, it does not mention his later work reproducing decline in ESP.

So much work to be done, so little time! I hope to come back to this blog soon with more news.

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