Two new research areas

As if I didn’t have enough to do (see my previous post), I have two new research topics that I have plans to release papers on this year. I am posting this very brief note for the benefit of my current readers, some of whom may be interested in these topics as well.

The first relates to my new day job. I am now doing technical writing at Electronic Arts, the game company. There is a lot of game-related content in my book, and I have started talking with various folks within EA about submitting papers on game AI and player behavior.

The second relates to my audit consulting, which I still do on weekends. I did considerable consulting work in 2011 with AARM, an audit firm specializing in finding errors in large advertising budgets (like $100 million per year). They have a blog called Marketing Math that talks about some of the technical, professional, and legal issues in their field.

Where our interests overlap is in the field of time reporting. I’m interested in modeling how people spend their time, how time is divided up into tasks for reporting purposes. They’re interested in whether people report their time accurately. The results so far have been very stimulating. For an example of the sort of stuff they do, check out:

Time Keeps Ticking

There will be more on this topic later this year. If you’re interested, please write!

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