This blog is about my work on the diverse applications of the maximum entropy principle, as articulated by Edwin Jaynes starting in 1957.

My name is Dean Brooks. I graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, with a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics in 1984. I worked for a number of years in defense, aerospace, and software as a writer and technical proposal coordinator. Since December 2000 I have been president, owner, and sole full-time employee of Ekaros Analytical Inc., a publishing and consulting business specializing in data analysis tools.

Twenty years ago I became fascinated with diminishing returns and decline curves, and began collecting examples from economics, culture, warfare, and many other fields. About ten years ago I realized that the common cause behind them was the maximum entropy principle.

The uses of the maximum entropy principle (MEP) are almost limitless, and most are completely unknown at present. Readers can expect to find  a great diversity of material on this blog, including:

— Excerpts and progress reports from my forthcoming book The Decline Effect

— My work applying the MEP to forensic auditing (in collaboration with Richard Lanza of Cash Recovery Partners)

— An essay applying the MEP to the problem of global warming (which shows that the problem is perhaps a good deal less severe than generally thought to be)

— The application of the maximum entropy principle to probability theory (a scheme of nonlinear probability)

I welcome questions and comments on all these various fields of research. I can be reached at declineeffect@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, anyone needing help of a professional nature (if you are considering purchasing accounting books  from Ekaros Analytical, or using my services as a consultant), can reach me at: