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Experimental data uploaded, new page

I have added a page entitled ‘Bayes and decline‘ that will deal with the more technical details of the decline effect. In particular, it will explain why I regard the phenomenon as only explainable using a Bayesian approach. I’ve also updated the Downloads page by adding an Excel spreadsheet with some probability experiments I ran […]

Jonah Lehrer reports on trouble in science (again)

There is a new blog entry by Jonah Lehrer, “How Does Prozac Work?” (Nov 17, find it here) that touches on the decline effect in pharmaceuticals. It’s not good news. And in a strange way it is stressing me out personally. First Lehrer discusses the failure of a promising new anti-depressant drug, designated GSK372475, from […]

Blog Launch

W elcome to The Decline Effect Blog! This blog is about applications of the maximum entropy principle, developed starting in 1957 by Edwin Jaynes. The MEP has an extraordinarily wide range of application — much wider even than most writers in the field realize. Initially the blog will focus on two items. One is my […]